molybdic acid

molybdic acid
molibdato rūgštis statusas T sritis chemija formulė H₂MoO₄ atitikmenys: angl. molybdic acid rus. молибденовая кислота ryšiai: sinonimas – molibdeno rūgštis sinonimas – tetraoksomolibdato (2–) rūgštis

Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas – 2-asis patais. ir papild. leid. – Vilnius: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos institutas. . 2003.

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  • molybdic acid — MoO3 H2O; a yellowish crystalline acid, forming molybdates; used in the determination of phosphorus or phosphate. * * * molybdic acid n an acid H2MoO4 used as a reagent in chemical analysis * * * mo·lyb·dic ac·id (mə libґdik) an inorganic… …   Medical dictionary

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  • molybdic — /meuh lib dik/, adj. Chem. of or containing molybdenum, esp. in the trivalent or hexavalent states, as molybdic acid, H2MoO4. [1790 1800; MOLYBD(ENUM) + IC] * * * …   Universalium

  • phosphomolybdic acid — “+... noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary phosph + molybdic : any of several heteropoly acids obtainable from solutions of phosphoric acid and molybdic acid and used chiefly as precipitants (as for alkaloids and for basic dyes for …   Useful english dictionary

  • phosphomolybdic acid — phos·pho·mo·lyb·dic acid mə .lib dik n any of several acids obtainable from solutions of phosphoric acid and molybdic acid and used chiefly as precipitants (as for alkaloids) esp the yellow crystalline acid H3PMo12O40·xH2O containing twelve atoms …   Medical dictionary

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